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Please login to www.arousal.io to check the Airdrop result at the end of campaign.
Click [Copy] to get your personal code.
Go to Cargocoin Telegram Group and send the code to get 10 CRGO! You can invite people with a specific link, so you can get more CRGO.
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Rules and Conditions
How to join Telegram campaign

1.Join the Cargocoin Telegram Group/Chanel and send the code you received, then you can get 10 CRGO at the end of airdrop campaign.

2.A snapshot will be taken in the group at the end of airdrop campaign and only the user in the telegram group at that time will receive the Airdrop token.

3.The user that joined and sent code into the group will also get an invitation link. Invite friends into the group with that link can get extra token.

4.Token budget: 1,000,000 CRGO

The rule for invite friends

1. 5 CRGO each person.

Please note: The maximum amount that each user could receive is 3000.

2. Count method

Our airdrop bot will record the user that join into the group through invitation link. And there will be a snapshot taken in the group at the end of campaign (Jun. 30, 2018). And only the member in the group will be rewarded. The number of friends you invite into the group will also be counted according to the snapshot.

3. Distribution time

Two weeks after the campaign.